Let Love Rise: A Lenten Series

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Bread goes on quite a journey- from a single grain planted and nurtured, through the transformation of dough raising, to the final breaking and sharing of bread at a table. In this Lenten series we travel that same journey with one truth: Jesus offers us himself as the bread of life. Every time we share the bread and cup together, we proclaim the risen Christ. Join the journey toward rising and sharing that bread this Lenten season!

This worship series has so much room for creativity and to include your whole congregation- have the cooks share what baking for the church means to them, intergenerational baking activities, look at food insecurity in your neighborhood, and more!

This bundle includes:

  • Series Planning Guide, including suggested scriptures, hymns and sermon topics (NOT lectionary based)
  • EIGHT original liturgies, including Ash Wednesday and Easter Celebration
  • Series branding packet of images
  • Adult Spiritual Formation Powerpoint Series with discussion of Michael Pollan’s book, Cooked: A Natural History of Transformation
  • SIX original worship stations that could be used  in worship, in spiritual formation or all together as a special service
  • Written descriptions for each week
  • Additional suggestions including engaging children, books, quotes, and free images




We remember that Jesus called himself “The Bread of Life,” or that he said at the Last Supper, “This is my body broken for you.” We have come to know those elements as part of our ritual life of faith. Bread is part of church. What is harder to understand is what that bread meant to Jesus and to the people of his time. What is the connection between the physical recipe of bread and the spiritual preparation of Lent? How is God harvesting, mixing, and rising in our lives? How are we preparing and sharing those blessings of God?



One: It is easy to feel pulled apart from one another and distant from God. We are reminded today that we are meant to be mixed together as one, with God constantly working through our lives to make us stronger communities. Let us be honest now about the ways we pull away, ignore the suffering of others, or contribute to injustice. Let us invite God again to knead us and make us ready to serve one another.


All:    Gracious God, we don’t always know how to be “us.” We forget that we are connected to each other and to all people through your love. We run away from that connection. We are tired and don’t want to do the work to address abuse, injustice, and brokenness. Forgive us, and hold us again in the palm of your hand. Amen.


One: God’s grace and goodness abound! God will answer every knock, forgive every debt and trespass, and fill every day with the abundance of bread. God works tirelessly for our well-being, and, in God’s love, we are drawn together like ingredients in God’s recipe.


Focus Scripture: Matthew 13:33 “He told them still another parable: ‘The kingdom of heaven is like yeast that a woman took and mixed into about sixty pounds of flour until it worked all through the dough.'”

Ash Wednesday, Empty and Hungry: Isaiah 58:1-12

Week 1, Planting: Luke 8:1-15, Parable of the Sower

Week 2, Harvesting: Exodus 16, Manna in the Desert

Week 3, Grinding/Milling: Matthew 13, Wheat and Weeds

Week 4, Mixing/Kneading: Luke 11:1-13, The Prayer of Our Savior

Week 5, Waiting/Rising: Luke 13:1-9, The Parable of the Fig Tree

Week 6, Palm Sunday, Baking/Preparing: John 6:25-35, I am the Bread of Life

Maundy Thursday, Breaking: Luke 22:7-38, The Last Supper

Week 7, Easter Sunday, Sharing/Celebrating: Luke 9:10-17, Sharing Loaves and Fish



2 reviews for Let Love Rise: A Lenten Series

  1. Pam Spain

    This was the best Lenten program I have ever done! It’s easily adaptable and relevant in any season! My congregation loved it! We kicked it off with the Stations – did it in the sermon time during worship! It was embraced very well!

    • Admin (verified owner)

      Thank you for this review! We are glad to be in ministry with you!

  2. Rev. Dr. Tanya Sadagopan (verified owner)

    I loved this series! It made me think in new ways. My preaching was more profound and allowed me to talk about things during Lent I do not normally. I got into what is resurrection and helped us to define it. We really enjoyed baking bread as a congregation. We appreciated taking the themes and using them for stations in our Good Friday prayer vigil. It was truly inspiring and allowed my congregation members to connect to something they could relate!

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