Hark! Heralding Our Faith, An Advent Worship Series


We love the Christmas Carol, Hark, the Herald, Angels Sing, but we don’t often stop to think about what those words mean. Hark! Pay attention! Listen for the Good News!

This beautiful Advent worship series challenges us to Hark, to pay attention, to God’s heralds of good news. We can find those heralds in the Bible and in the world  around us. God might even be calling you to be a herald of our faith!

This series includes joy, humor, and wonder for all ages. We hope it inspires you to use it different ways to fit your ministry context. Who are the heralds of your congregation or community? What Good News do you need? What is God calling you to do this Advent?

This bundle includes:

  • SIX  original liturgies, including Christmas Eve and Epiphany
  • An original Christmas Pageant (can also be purchased separately)
  • Series branding packet of images (TWO Options) and a Canva Template for your adaptation
  • Children’s Messages for Worship or Spiritual Formation
  • Written descriptions for each week
  • Additional suggestions including engaging music, decoration ideas,  books, and quotes

Each week has a focus on listening to a biblical herald and to the voice of a contemporary herald.

Week 1, Hope

Biblical Herald: Isaiah; Modern Herald: Augustine of Hippo

Week 2, Peace

Biblical Herald: John, the Baptist; Modern Herald: Jan Sutch Pickard

Week 3: Joy

Biblical Herald, Elizabeth; Modern Heralds: Toi Derricotte and Austin Channing Brown

Week 4, Love

Biblical Herald: Joseph (or Mary); Modern Herald: James Baldwin

Christmas Eve

Biblical Heralds: Angels; Modern Heralds: US!

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SAMPLE from 4th Sunday of Advent Liturgy


One: A herald said love is coming.

All: It is hard to hear.

One: A herald said do not be afraid.

All: It is hard to be brave.

One: A herald said God is with us.

All: It is hard to believe.

One: Let us worship God, listening to the voices of God’s heralds today. Amen.


One: God of Love, we come to this moment longing for the joy of Christmas, but we know that we are not there yet. The Advent journey is one that we walk our whole lives, stumbling and forgetting; and then, you draw us back with heralds of your good news. Remind us again today of your coming. Come, O Come, Emmanuel. Amen.


We have a complete set of alternate graphics included if your congregation would prefer the blue trumpet below:


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