God on the Move: A Worship Series on Faith and Democracy


As we feel trusted institutions shifting around us, we wonder what is solid ground? Where is God calling us? What does our faith bring to our public life? How are the two interrelated? This 3 week worship seriesĀ  centers of Faith and Democracy and the ways in which we can engage voting rights and other justice issues. One worship focuses on racial justice specifically. The others give opportunity to explore concepts like freedom, truth and justice as they interplay with faith and democracy. This series includes 3 original liturgies, title graphics, planning guide with hymn suggestions, promotional blurbs, and sermon starters. Pairs well with God on the Move: Faith and Technology.


Sample Prayer of Confession from the Series:


God of Heaven and Earth, you created the one human family and endowed each person with great dignity. You have given us work to do- to loose the bonds of injustice. And yet we have failed to be repairers of the breach. Forgive us. Help us, we pray, in the work of overcoming the sins of racism from our past, present, and future. Grant us your grace in eliminating this blight from our hearts, our communities, our social and civil institutions. Fill our hearts with love for you and for our neighbor, so that we may work with you to reform the systems of this world in healing our land from injustice. Amen.


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