Be Curious: A Worship Series


“Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind.” Romans 12:2

Curiosity isn’t just for kids or a hurdle on our faith journey – it’s a value that resonates with ALL of us.

We believe that being curious about the world around us is a truly spiritual practice. 💫


  • Curiosity about others fuels empathy, builds communities, and ignites the fire of social justice within us.
  • Curiosity about the divine leads us to prayerful reflections, fostering a deeper connection with God.
  • Curiosity about ourselves paves the way for improved mental wellbeing.

We hope you’ll join us on this important and exciting journey of curiosity!

This bundle includes:

  • Series Planning Guide, including suggested scriptures, hymns and sermon topics (NOT lectionary based)
  • EIGHT original liturgies centered around the weekly theme, including two communion liturgies
  • Series branding packet of images and Canva template link
  • Original worship centers designed for groups that could be used  in worship, in spiritual formation or all together as a special service
  • Written descriptions for each week
  • Additional suggestions including engaging children, books, and quotes

This series is a collaboration of authors: Rev. Kathy Dwyer, Rev. Holly Jackson, Rev. Dawn Jefferson, Rev. Laura Martin, Rev. Amber Henry Neuroth, and Rev. Hannah Sachs. Thanks to all of our wonderful authors!

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Series Topics and Scriptures for each week

Be Curious Introduction- Romans 12:2

Compassion- Matthew 20:29-34

Wonder- Matthew 8:23-27

Resilience- Exodus 16:1-17, 31, 35

Learning and Knowledge- Matthew 11:25-30

Flexibility- Exodus 32:1-14

Imagination- Luke 5:17-26

Bravery- Esther 4



One:    So much of human brokenness comes from a lack of curiosity. When we aren’t curious about ourselves, we can’t grow. When we aren’t curious about others, we judge and shame them. When we aren’t curious about the world, we are prone to destroy it. This season, we are leaning into curiosity as God’s gift to us, as a source of strength in an often angry world. How is that gift of curiosity challenging us today? Where is it calling us to reconciliation?


All:       Holy One, we admit that we haven’t always kept open minds and open hearts. We have been judgmental rather than curious. We have resisted your call to transformation. Forgive us, renew us and give us strength for the journey ahead. Amen.


One:    We are God’s good creation, present in this world but not limited by it. We are made not only for surviving, but for thriving. In God’s overwhelming love, we have the freedom to be curious. In God’s overwhelming grace, we have the opportunity to begin again. Amen.


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