Holy Ground: Exploring Sacred Spaces, A Children’s Curriculum


Holy Ground: Exploring Sacred Spaces is a curriculum for children focused on different spaces where people meet God, both in the Bible and today. What makes those places special? How do we find them? How do we welcome new people into our sacred spaces? We have included curriculum for young children (age 3-6) and elementary children (age 7-12).

This curriculum can be expanded to cover more weeks by doing the same story for more than one week and using each of the options given for each story on a different week. These lessons could also be easily adapted to a rotation model of teaching by using the same story for multiple weeks in a rotation with the options being each classroom. We hope this gives you lots of options to work with in your setting. This curriculum is designed to be led in person but could be adapted to an online or hybrid format. We hope you enjoy exploring sacred spaces together!


This curriculum is centered around four main biblical themes with the goal of helping children explore what “sacred” means to them. We hope to help children develop skills of curiosity, listening, discernment and welcoming diversity. We have put lessons together into four weeks, but some congregations have used them in rotation for 12-16 weeks. There are separate lesson plans for the two age groups, with some activities overlapping.

Week 1: Tabernacle, Exodus 26

Week 2: Wise and Foolish Builders, Matthew 7

Week 3: Jesus in the Temple, John 2

Week 4: House Churches in Early Christianity, Acts 12

This Is the Day works to engage our children in developmentally appropriate ways with progressive Christianity. We use inclusive language, promote justice and inclusion, and don’t shy away from difficult conversations. We hope to teach our children not just information but tools to engage the Spirit of the living God.

This curriculum was written by Rev. Holly Jackson and Rev. Amber Henry Neuroth


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