Attitude of Gratitude: 9 Week Worship Series and Book Discussion


We have complicated relationships with gratitude- sometimes it might feel manipulative or forced; and yet, when we experience deep celebration and thanksgiving, we experience transformation.

This series is based on the book, Grateful, by Diana Butler Bass. The series follows her exploration of gratitude as being both individual and communal, making it inspiring for any time of year. The bundle includes:

  • Worship planning guide
  • NINE worship liturgies
  • Book discussion guide for adult study
  • Special service of gratitude worship stations
  • Sermon starter suggestions;
  • Promotional blurbs.

Give thanks with Attitude of Gratitude!



SAMPLE prayers from Week 2


One:    In the midst of difficulty, the Lord sets a table of rejoicing for us.

All:       Though the world seems focused on turmoil, we will still praise God!

One:    Our lives can be witnesses to God’s goodness and grace.

All:       Our hearts can encompass compassion and service to God’s people.

One:    Help us to be your workers and witnesses in today’s world, O Lord.

All:       Cultivate habits of gratitude among us as we worship. Amen.


All: Gracious God, we acknowledge the truth that it is easier to repeat destructive habits than to practice life-giving ones.  Heal and forgive the ways we tear each other down.  Inspire us to take small steps in gratitude.  Amen.


One:  In Christ, we find forgiveness. In Christ, we find hope. In Christ, we experience the transformation of gratitude. In Christ, be assured and at peace. Amen.


One:    Lord of bounty and blessing, we come to you today in gratitude for all that we have been given. Give us more moments of gratitude in the midst of our messy lives. Bless each of us here, that we may become true blessings to others. Amen.



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