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The Body Remembers

Sunday Morning is everything. As church culture shifts, we are trying to fit more and more into Sunday morning because folks are willing to prioritize that time. There’s fewer weeknight Bible studies and fewer Saturday service projects. So, we take Bible studies and service projects and bring them to Sunday morning. As pastors and worship planners, we are trying to bring the complexities life and ministry into the worship experience. How can worship embody congregational care? Where can worship facilitate spiritual formation? When can worship be a vehicle for social justice? 

The Season of Lent is a perfect opportunity to delve more deeply into spiritual practices, to deepen connections between our bodies and spirits, and to examine the systems of injustice that connect us all. The Body Remembers accomplishes this through the lens of our bodies. It focuses on the connections between our bodies and spirits as the Body of Christ.

We are learning more and more about our physical bodies are connected with our emotional and spiritual lives. Our bodies are even connected with lives of others in our family tree and the current community around us. With important research in trauma theory, we are learning how we bear and heal traumas and that healing is always better in community. Popular books like The Body Keeps the Score and My Grandmother’s Hands, demonstrate these connections. We, as the church, already have the truth of these theories in our faith and in our scripture. We are many parts but we are all one body. Lean into the faith of our ancestors and the healing in your own ministry setting in this important season.

This Lenten series makes it possible for a congregation to share in body and spirit in healing and care. It also has the flexibility to bring in social justice issues that matter to your congregation like mass incarceration, hunger and poverty, access to healthcare, refugee and immigration and more. It has flexibility and creativity. Make the most of Sunday morning this Lent!

All the beautiful artwork for this series is by Andrew Ostrovsky.